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  • Investment on Return Minimum Invest £50.000 5% Fee
  • Investment on Return Maximum Invest £50,000 + 5% Fee



Investment Solutions

Capital Investment

the main objectives behind any kind of capital investment remains more or less the same – growth, income and safety.
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Property Investment

It is possible to invest directly by buying a property but also indirectly, through a property investment fund.
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Growth Investment

The most successful growth stocks have produced revenue growth of 10% per year or more over extended periods of time.
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Defensive Investment

Defensive value investing combines defensive investing and value investing to build a low risk, high return portfolio.
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Halal Investment

Halal investing requires investment decisions to be made in accordance with Islamic principles.
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Why Us?

Why Choose Us

NoorCo Capital is an independent, focused on managing your money and delivering the right solutions for you. Every member of our team is on a path to ownership of the business and is committed to our long-term sustainability and success by putting your interests first and foremost.

We know that by doing a great job for you, we will collectively benefit and our business will prosper.

  • We believe in a disciplined investment approach, which is focused on the long term, within a strict risk management framework.
  • We understand what investment risk means to our clients and we manage this all the way through our philosophy and approach.
  • We use a combination of fundamental, technical and behavioural approaches to valuation and do so from a relative and absolute basis.
  • We focus on achieving long term sustainable returns, to make a positive difference in people’s futures

Investment Strategies

We offer experienced guidance for selecting alternative investment services.

Investment Advisory

Our adviser will recommend an investment portfolio to suit your needs.

Investment Planning

Our fundamental investment approach capitalizes on the overwhelming need for investors.

Expert Team

Our team of professionals unlocks a number of choices for your portfolio.

Professional Support

A high level service provider that recommended to investor.

Quick Response

We are Always for your service to quick response
NoorCo Consultancy
NoorCo Consultancy is one of the oldest most reputable companies within the Citizenship by Investment industry and holds the strongest credentials.